Things to Consider


Your Pulling Vehicle

Most of our full size campers are around 6000 lbs. We recommend a half ton minimum vehicle for pulling. We will supply you with everything to attach the camper to your Hitch.  You need a class III hitch, you will also need a trailer brake set up and  installed and in working condition in your vehicle.  Most automotive repair shops can install one. You will also need a 7 spade RV style plug shown on the left.  We will need a measurement from the ground to the center of the receiver slot so that we can have the hitch ready at a certain height to hook up.  

Have It Delivered

Not everyone has a pickup or Utility vehicle capable of pulling one of our campers, or maybe you are coming from out of town, some of our customers just have us set up a camper in their yard to accommodate guests. Some people are not comfortable pulling a trailer, whatever the case we have you covered. We have a minimum fee of $150 for delivery this covers delivery and pickup to your campsite, leveling the camper, hooking you to water and electricity if available at your campsite and within reach of our cords and hoses. Some campsites have shared water and the hydrant is not in a convenient place, if this is the case you will need to request extra hose, we do not allow extension cords to run the camper for insurance purposes. This fee covers a 25 mile radius from our Location in Mount Vernon Iowa, anything further away will be billed our Minimum plus $3.50 per mile one way.

 {For example if your campsite is 30 miles from our location your fee would be $150 plus 5 miles at $3.50 per mile or $17.50 for a total of $167.50}

Damage Deposit

You will be required to put down a damage deposit on the camper. $500 if we deliver and $1000 if you are traveling with it.  if upon return of the camper, damage is found, we reserve the right to keep part or all of the deposit, depending on the extent of damage.  You will be charged for fixing all damages incurred to the camper while it was in your possession, you will also be responsible for missing or damaged, or stained, sheets, towels or missing re-usable supplies. 

Where Can I Go?

For everyone's safety, we rent campers to customers camping in a reputable camping facility with designated camping spots specifically for campers.  Parking campers (for example) along side of the road or on someone's land is not a suitable, stable environment for the campers to be safe and secure.  Any generators being used need to be pre approved with us and must have minimum 4500 watt with built in surge protection.