Camping Checklist


  • Things you may want to bring.
  • water bottles, foil, ziplock bags, matches, plastic storage containers, Coffee pot,crock pot, blender etc

  • We Supply- Paper plates, bowls,cups, plastic wear, paper towels, cutting board, oven mitt, 2 dish towels, 2 dish rags, Scotch Brite, Dish Soap, Garbage bags, Pots and Pans, Kitchen Utensils.


  • Things You may want to bring.

Hair brush, tooth brushes, tooth paste, toiletry kit, hair dryer, 

  • We supply- Toilet Paper, 4 Bath towels, 1 Hand towel, Shampoo and Conditioner, Hand soap, Garbage bags,

Outside stuff

  • Things you may want to bring.

Bug spray, lighter/matches, sunscreen, flash lights, folding chairs, firewood and starter, sunglasses, hat or visor, first aid kit, backpack, comfy shoes, fishing poles, binoculars, lantern.


  • We Supply
  • Sheets, Blankets


Scissors, batteries, extension cord, tool kit, duct tape, rubber gloves, cell phone chargers

  • We supply- broom, dustpan, mop, trashcan and cleaning supplies


Cross word puzzles, books, pen, paper, lawn games, cards and games, camera